Temporary Immigration

Work Permit or Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Every year, over 150,000 foreign workers enter Canada to work temporarily in jobs that help Canadian employers address skill shortages, or as live-in caregivers. A work permit is needed for most temporary jobs in Canada, though for some positions and business people it is not necessary. Canadian laws protect every worker in Canada. This includes temporary foreign workers like you.

Some temporary workers require a work permit and some do not. The requirements and processing times depend on the sort of work you will do when you come to Canada. But, for some categories of workers, permits are approved more quickly.

  • The program also issues work permits to the spouses and common-law partners of work permit and study permit holders in Canada, which enable them to work during their spouse's or partner's term of employment or studies.
  • Individuals who are already legally in Canada as temporary residents (i.e. visitors, students or workers) and who wish to extend their stay in Canada, or change the conditions of their stay, must contact CIC for information on specific application requirements.

Students are required to demonstrate financial sufficiency for only the first year of studies, regardless of the duration of the course or program of studies in which they are enrolled. In other words, a single student entering a four-year degree program with an annual tuition fee of $11,000 must demonstrate funds of $11,000 to satisfy the requirements.

When submitting an application for a student authorization, a foreign national will also need to provide the following documents: