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Canadian Employers

We can provide solution to Canadian employers to fill labor shortage thru hiring temporary foreign skilled workers. As a licensed foreign worker recruiter we can assist you with the selection of the right candidate, screen the right candidate and refer for interview. As a regulated immigration consultant, we can facilitate the application and processing of labor market opinion (LMO) or (AEO) Arranged Employment Opinion from Human Resource Skills and Development Canada (HRSDC), facilitate the application of work permit.


As a licensed foreign worker recruiter, we can:


  • Assist you with the selection of the right Candidate – when recruiting foreign skilled workers, there are certain things to consider, such as the English skills, education/ training and work experiences.
  • Assist you with the pre-screening of the right candidate – by reference checks, interview the applicant, employment history verification, police checks, education verification.
As a Regulated Immigration Consultant, we can:
  • Facilitate the processing of LMO or AEO from Human Resource Development Canada – by following all the necessary steps in hiring temporary foreign worker, such as advertising, making sure that employers follow the required checklist to ensure that all documents are submitted to avoid delays, submitting an application for LMO or AEO.
  • Facilitate the processing of Work Permit – prepare all the required Work Permit application form and supporting documents; advise the foreign worker with respect to Canadian immigration law; review and analyze documents received in support of foreign worker's education, training, work experiences and civil status; act with the best interest of the foreign worker within the limits of Canadian law; conduct final review of the worker's application package before submission; keep the foreign worker updated on any progress of their application; liaison between the Canadian government and the foreign worker.


Please contact our Regulated Immigration Consultant by email at or call 905 565 1908 to schedule an appointment.