Temporary Immigration

Business People

Business People are foreign national who seeks to engage in international business activities in Canada without directly entering the Canadian labor market, and where the primary source of remuneration and place of business remains outside of Canada. A qualified business people can enter Canada more easily because they do not need an LMO or labor market opinion from Service Canada or a work permit for business visitors. Business people covered under NAFTA or North American Free Trade Agreement. NAFTA applies to different categories of business people they are: Business visitor, Professional, Intra company transferee, Traders and Investors.

Business Visitor is a separate category with different requirements and does not need a work permit.

Professional is qualified to work in one of the more than 60 listed professions in NAFTA like accountant, computer systems analyst, engineer, management consultant and technical publications writer, must have a per-arranged Canadian employment.

Intra Company transferee

The intra-company transfer policy allows international companies with a parent, subsidiary, branch or affiliate in Canada to temporarily transfer senior executives, managers or employees with specialized knowledge to the location in Canada in order to improve management effectiveness, expand Canadian exports and enhance the competitiveness of Canadian entities in overseas markets.

Qualifying employees can apply directly to CIC for a work permit under the intra-company transferee category. To be eligible under the intra-company transferee category:

  • Requires the Canadian company to be doing, or expect to be doing business; .
  • Requires the employee to have been working for the company in a similar capacity for at least one year in the preceding three years;
  • Requires a letter from the employer to Citizenship and Immigration Canada detailing how the company and employee meet the requirements.